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MinKyun Kim Professor Mark A. Schneberger ENGL 1123 - 003 18 April 2011 1) Introduction C1 The Korean students should to study abroad at an early age. C2 The Korean students should not to study abroad at an early age. C3 Both sides should compromise. 2) C1 - In order to let them study without pressure and to be able to speak other languages other than Korean. - If students go abroad, especially at an early age, they can learn other languages, cultures, and customs
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Unformatted text preview: - It can help Korea to become more a powerful country with their intellectual or technical abilities. 3) C2- It is important to acknowledge that there are many side effects caused by parents having high expectations from their children.- It can be a waste of money and time consuming for children who do not have eager to learn.- The children studying abroad can be easily exposed to any types of harm, such as illegal drugs, violence, or bullying....
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