extra credit - 9.1 / Let me look at Kronos test first....

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9.1 / Let me look at Kronos test first. According to the book, the test was geared toward specific personality traits of greatly successful people within a given company. Moreover, some personality tests were consistently certain fortune 500 companies used to hire. However, the most important thing is how perfect the test is, and if it is testing for the key skills required in the job. If I was looking for a Job and taking a personality test, that result was so bad so that I did not get a Job based on test result. Do we have to recognize this result? I totally disagree with this approach, and I will refuse to acknowledge of this test. But, I am not saying that it is not useful, but way too many hiring managers want to be relieved of the pressure to make a decision and rely on the results far more heavily than they admit. If we know our culture and company personality deeply enough to sense who will and who won't work, then that is typically the very best tool any recruiter could ever use. 9.2 / There are so many factors to make a personality in our life. In my case also, I had some experience which affect to my personality. When I was a middle school student, my father bought me a turntable and allowed me access to his record collection. 30 years and thousands of dollars in gear and recordings later, music is my passion. According to study, the set of values with which individuals were nurtured will determine the type of personality they emulate. The significance of one personality to his personal, social and professional life is that they have gone
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extra credit - 9.1 / Let me look at Kronos test first....

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