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MinKyun Kim Nov 22, 2011 H.W 4 Question 14.1 14.1 / Some people believe great leaders are born, not made and their leadership is innate or natural. However, I believe although you are not a born leader, you can make how to be a great leader with some of experiences. As you know, Korea is the only divided country in the world. By law, Korean guys are required to serve about two years in the military every young man has to go to Army. However, our parents hope to apply as a military officer which is almost 4 years required, because I do not have kind of leadership since I was young. So, I applied for this position and became the military officer during 4 years. After I went to there, my lives changed totally as well as personality. I had a lot of leadership experience from this job. For example, when I went with an exercise battle plan, I had to command a company of about 50
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Unformatted text preview: soldiers during exercise battle plan. However, my soldiers did not listen to me carefully at the first time. As time goes by, they have a completely different attitude toward me, because I did take the initiative and set an example at that time. So, I think that even if I was not a born leader when I was young, I become more and more as a leader through working at military officer. And to conclude, leader is not born or made by others but made by myself. It is quite true that one's natural ability or environment makes difference and one can be better prepared by them. But it is very stupid if you restrict yourself within those conditions. If you see your own limits and you feel delights from breaking them step by step, who would say you don't have more than whom is called a leader?...
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