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MinKyun Kim Professor Victoria Hoge H R-3013-995 15 Nov 2011 Unit Two Critic For Unit 2, I think that it was very helpful for me in terms of enhancing my ability to have a more effective communicating relationship in the future. I really enjoyed reading the Harvard Business Review article by psychologist Daniel Goleman because I feel like his ideals on emotional intelligence will be very useful in my future especially as a student majoring in business. Also, the Pillow Method is a good way to focus outside of my box and consider the
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Unformatted text preview: thoughts of others. It requires one to think things out in an orderly fashion in order to not make hasty decisions and conclusions about a particular topic of event. In addition to the two sections of the unit stated above, the chapter activities, especially the section about self-evaluation, allowed me to realize my strengths and weaknesses in my personality and I was surprised to learn the true meanings of id, ego, and superego....
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