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hw 5 - be someone who has excellent skills and wide...

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MinKyun Kim Nov 22, 2011 H.W 4 Question 14.4 14.4 / According to book, transformational leadership has four dimensions. The first dimension is idealized influence which is synonymous with charisma. The charismatic leader provides a collective vision, instills pride and arouses and inspires their staff. The second dimension of transformational leadership is the inspirational dimension, where the leader gains support for their vision. The third dimension is individual consideration. This dimension focuses on facilitating followers in achieving their full potential and involves part coaching, part mentoring. The final dimension is intellectual stimulation. It provides subordinates with challenging new idea and encourages them to rethink old ways of doing things. I think that each of dimensions has different strengths and weakness. If I have to choose most favorite one, I would like to say idealized influence as a charismatic leader. Because, I think a good leader must
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Unformatted text preview: be someone who has excellent skills and wide knowledge in the field that he is leading. Secondly, I think a good leader have to keep a non-reigning leadership. It is natural that every leader has their own ways to lead people. There are charismatic leaders like Steve Jobs or the opposite types are also in existence and its typical leader is the Pope. Lastly, characteristic is that a worthy leader should have many superior brain trusters around themselves. There are no perfect human in personal, intellectual, and physical aspects. No matter how the leader is well educated, bright, and almost all-around person, but still he or she is imperfect. Therefore, a good leader must be the leading of his professional field. Finally, the kind of this type leader will be the best leaders who manage the work to the final successfully. With these characteristics, my most favorite dimension of transformational leadership is idealized influence as a charismatic leader....
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