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Industry Analysis The baby car seat industry went largely uncontrolled until 1970s. If it used at all, many customers and parents did not know how to appropriately install this safety devise as many seat belts would not work correctly with the car seats. According to study, the Consumer Reports performed the first child safety seat crash test in 1972. Unluckily, the results were rated “not acceptable” about eighty percent of the seats tested. Now, baby car seats must make proper safe systems and products for our children and family. Baby car seats are recommended for use by
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Unformatted text preview: children from birth to age four. However, size, not age, is the determining factor as a safety system in choosing an appropriate baby car seat. So, we are committed to being a leader in safety protection by redesigning baby car seat instead of the way they have always been. Reference Patricia Callahan, The Chicago Tribune, TEST REVEAL FLAWS. March 1, 2009
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