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Marketing Management JYP Entertainment and important changes in its marketing environment INTRODU C TION: JYP ENTERTA N INMENT INTRODUCE & mobile foreign business, and new talent discovery, JYPE is a professional entertainment company that is reaching for globalization and expansion within the entertainment industry. JYPE hopes to create a new paradigm in the production and sales of domestic and foreign contents with the assistance of exciting business partners such as : SK telecom, NC soft, AND and Samsung Electronics. *The source: www.jype.com - MICRO ENVIRONMENT - Customers For several years, the Online music sales market digital music market ha s ve had a big trouble been battling the never ending fight with with illegal download s and P2P p2p sites. However , according to the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) , said that gradually customers are gradually beginning to show a tendency accept the fact that music is something one has to pay for to get it obtain . Therefore , experts of music industry experts think that it is good sign to believe music related companies will see improved sales figures in the future . In addition, the popularity of hip-hop , which are the main types of music JYPE make produces, has gradually increased in Korea. In addition, JYPE is the first company which entered into America music industries and got a continuous success from the Rain's success. American music experts started to show opinions that JYPE's music which mixed African American's music and Oriental's music can make a change in commonplace American music. Furthermore, In American music industries which based on the merit system, JYPE contracted with many famous US artists, because of that reason, people all over the
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JYPentertainment - Marketing Management JYP Entertainment...

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