LectureAssignment 1 - Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun...

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Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun Yoon MRKT 3013 - 087 12 Oct 2011 Entertainment Marketing Nowadays, Korean culture contents are really popular in the world. The Korean Wave also known as Hallyu was first coined by Chinese writers and they were started by amazing rise of music and drama products and pop – culture at South Korea in 2001. The “Korean Wave” progress to be a significant force in the all of the world such as Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Recently, some of big entertainment companies are extending its business abroad. Moreover, they are collaborating with major foreign entertainment company and preparing international expansion. Some people worried about that “Korean Wave” was slowly dying, but so many contents still have taken the lead in exporting Korean culture through lots of media contents. So, I would like share with you about how can we continued “Korean Wave” based on entertainment marketing strategies. Although there are so many entertainment companies in Korea, I especially want to talk about JYP entertainment. Because the reputation of R&B and HIP-HOP music, which are the major of music JYP produces, has increasingly improved in Korea. Furthermore, JYP is the first company which entered into America music industries and has a continuous success from the Rain who is Korean famous singer success. As
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LectureAssignment 1 - Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun...

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