LectureAssignment 2 - Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun...

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Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun Yoon MRKT 3013 - 087 12 Oct 2011 Assignment #2: Korean Wave Entertainment Marketing 5C situation analysis - Context or Industry Analysis The new Korean wave is entering all over the world. Some people who are mania K-pop appear in the Europe, North America, and Latin America continents. This trend is different from the past Korean wave which was popular from early 21Centrury. The past Korean wave is occurred, because of the localization of music and fandom culture about some star, such Yong Jun Bae, and Byong Heon Lee. And the stream of Korean wave just attacked the Asian culture. But this new Korean wave is mostly from K-pop music, and the demand tiers are getting younger than before. The most important thing which many experts focus is that it attacked not only Asia continents, but other continents. And entering to the continents, such as Europe and North America is important affairs, because, these continents are the starting point of current public music and they have a high confidence about their music itself and influence power which affect all over the world for the first time. - Company There are three major Korean entertainment companies who are actively involved in entering foreign markets. They are JYP entertainment SM entertainment and YG entertainment. First of all, JYP is well known as pioneering in U.S market. In case of Wonder girls, they have successfully entered Billboard chart, which is the top music chart in the States. Another Korean star that aims for U.S from JYP is Rain, who is considered to be the pioneer figure that has entered in the Japanese music market, is SM's representative figure. YG's strategy aiming for
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LectureAssignment 2 - Kim MinKyun Kim Professor Kanghyun...

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