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Syllabus Acknowledgment Intro to Human Relations Victoria Hoge, Instructor I acknowledge I have received the syllabus for the Introduction to Human Relations course. I have reviewed the syllabus and understand the objectives of this course as well as what is expected of me. I understand how my performance will be evaluated and how my final grade will be determined. I am aware of the timelines for course work due and understand how to contact Victoria Hoge for clarification of course content or procedures. I understand that if I do not upload this acknowledgment in the appropriate dropbox, my assignments will not be graded for credit. I understand I must upload this syllabus ack. in the first week of the course. I understand that I must have a computer and my textbook at my disposal at ALL times in order to take this class. I also understand that my failure to obtain a textbook before the course begins or in the first week of the course will NOT be an excuse for late submission of my
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