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2. According to Lowe, what are some of the problems or benefits of the use of music in a variety of cinematic contexts poses for the music and for film/TV itself? - In the silent era, films could find and create appropriate mood through classical music such as composed by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Wagner. And this kind of music is not protected by copyright. Certain pieces were suitable for certain scene and also similar pieces are transferable in similar scene. Consequently, by frequently using the music in film, some pieces were widely known to people. However, those made people have a fixed and permanent association between music and image. Music used in famous movie and
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Unformatted text preview: remembered by the public brings cinematic images rather than images of music itself. And popular cultural context as film and television soundtracks complicates the picture further. In motion pictures, films used Western art music as quotations and source material. At that time, viewers may not be able to spot the composer of the music but much of the humors in film were based on the using classical music. And this music was well known by people, but, still people remembered music because we are familiar to movie rather than we know composer. However, also using music in film help to grab the attention of viewer and help viewers lead new meaning....
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