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music assignment 7 - than a person who is cold sedate and...

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Burney thought that in his own time, music had reached the peak of perfection even though he loved Handel who was in former time. Burney argued that to gratification of sense of hearing, the most pleasing music is that has the merit of novelty, refinement, and ingenious contrivance. Also, to ignorant, it has to be most familiar and common. And the pleasing music consisted of the succession and combination of agreeable sounds. Therefore, every listener could give his feelings and thought about music, and could express whether they were pleased or dissatisfied about music even though without knowledge, experience, or the fiat of critics. Enthusiasm is absolutely necessary in music. A person who is enthusiastic is more need in art
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Unformatted text preview: than a person who is cold, sedate, and wary disposition. However, when enthusiasm in a musician becomes uncontrollable, he will be endangered. Even though, it is more suitable for an artist that has insanity. In addition, Burney emphasized that musicians at that time had heard too little. Therefore, they felt that forced and affected modulation of Germen is too much. For avoiding, it is better to learned modulation in Germany that focusing on learning new and difficult melody in Italy. In other words, learning and hearing former present music is very important in developing new style. And it will be help to grow nice and fastidious for them....
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