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music assignment 9 - personality When we listen to his...

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2. How does Hoffmann situate Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven? As the creators of our present instrumental music, Mozart and Haydn were the first who expressed the art in its full glory. Also Beethoven was the person who looked on it with all his love and penetrated its innermost being. According to Hoffmann, these three composers Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven had a similar romantic spirit based on their similar understanding of the specific natural of the art. Even if their pieces had similar romantic sprit, in each composer’s pieces, their characteristics were well reveled. First, Haydn was the most suitable for majority among those three composers. He grasps romantically what is human in human life. In his music, notable characteristics are the expression of a serene and childlike
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Unformatted text preview: personality. When we listen to his music, we would come up with such things like vast green woodland, happiness, laughing children, youth, or sweet melancholy. And next, Mozart, in his music, expressed the wondrous element that abides in inner being. He leads us into the heart of the spirit realm. Therefore, his music is more an intimation of the infinite. Last, Beethoven sets in motion the lever of fear, of awe, of horror, of suffering, and wakens just that infinite longing which is the essence of romanticism. Also, his music leads us into the realm of the monstrous and the immeasurable. But he is a completely romantic composer....
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