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outline of classical argument essay...

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Outline 1. If a company is finding new employees, I am the better choice than the husband from the story “Cathedral. 2. I am more humble than he. A. I got better scores in an exam than my friend but I did not boast about that. B. He underestimated his wife’s friend because he is a blind. 3. I am more respectful than he. A. I listened carefully my 8 years old cousin’s story. B. He watched TV when his wife and her friend were talking even he is a blind. 4. I am more cooperative than he. A. When I was in study group, I made practice test papers for members until midnight. B. Even his wife’s favor, he used bad words much times.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. I am not the better choice than he. I am more passive than he. A. I do not talk much in a class. B. He explained about cathedral positively to the blind man. 6. I am more rigid than he. A. I could not accept me when I play with friends before finished my job. B. Although the blind mans strange proposal, he drew a picture with him without special resistance. 7. I am not passive. A. Being quite in a class does not mean passive. 8. I am not rigid. B. Being strict to me does not mean rigid and it is an effort for my future. 9. Conclusion...
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outline of classical argument essay...

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