pursuasive letter - follow Obviously feel free to give...

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March 30, 2011 MinKyun Kim 3131 SW 89 th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Dear Valued Member: We greatly appreciate the time and effort you contribute to changing about services. We have decided to extend our hours of operation to 11:00p.m (Monday through Friday) to accommodate our customers’ needs. Moreover, to better serve our customers, we are currently installing additional video cameras near the dressing rooms as well as outside in the parking lot to improve security. So, we need your help for a survey about extended hours and installing additional video cameras. If you return the survey we will give to you tremendous benefit. I cannot tell you right now, but you can expect better result to
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Unformatted text preview: follow. Obviously feel free to give feedback. I will really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to help us improve and grow. We hope that you will take advantages of our longer hours and additional video cameras. We look forward to serving you soon. Sincerely, Andrew Smith Owner Jason Powell Owner Enclosure: Questionnaire MinKyun page 2 March 30, 2011 Questionnaire Please take a few moments to complete our survey. 1. How often do you come to Gym? 2. Do you agree about extended hours until 11:00p.m? 3. Do you agree with installing security cameras near the dressing rooms and in the parking lot? 4. What suggestions do you have to improve our service?...
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pursuasive letter - follow Obviously feel free to give...

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