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DATE: March 26, 2011 TO: Ashley Arnett FROM: MinKyun Kim SUBJECT: Regarding Tuition Reimbursement I appreciate your message requesting that First Federal create a program to reimburse the tuition and book expenses for employees taking college courses. I think you are a wise person, because you did try to study at school to improve your career skills. Furthermore, education can make succession planning go more by enabling companies to “grow their own” mid- and upper-level executives. Big companies are able to reimburse an employee pursuing an education for tuition, fees, and books if they want to study the courses.
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Unformatted text preview: These programs are expensive to an organization because they must pay their expenses such as the tuition, books, and the cost of program administration. As you know, it is facing stiff competition in the industry and its profits sinking. Although this program, tuition-reimburse, cannot be considered at this time, we are hopeful that it might be possible in the next time. I admire your passion to promote your education and wish you all the best....
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