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Rogerian Essay - MinKyun Kim Professor Mark A Schneberger...

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MinKyun Kim Professor Mark A. Schneberger ENGL 1123 - 003 8 May 2011 Rogerian Essay Because of globalization, the importance of learning foreign language such as English is growing bigger and bigger. When it comes to learning English, not only Koreans but also other Asians want their children to study abroad in an English-related environment. Actually, Korea has been called the great for children's education. There is a poem historically provable, such as the “ ? ? ? ?  ? ? ? ”  (Han, Seok Bong and his mother) by Han Ho (韓韓). It is a moral story until now in Korea. The poem is about a devoted mother who always supported to his son. His son is an irreplaceable treasure to her. They lived at the small town, and they are very poor. However, his son was very intelligent from childhood. So, even though he was just 10 years old at that time, she decided to send his son to study abroad at China. As times goes by, luckily, he returned home with very success. Nevertheless, his mother of health is in decline. In this situation, if he was not leaving from her, it has been different situation or the same because her age too old. On one side of the debate are those who say that they should send abroad children in early age. And, the other side they should not send abroad children in early age. Despite the arguments on both sides, clearly the only right side is one which combines the best of both sides. Thus, both sides should agree to compromise for the parents who want to send abroad their children. One side notes that parents should be able to send abroad their children in early age because it can help Korean children to improve their English skill and they can experience various cultures of other countries. There are many reasons to support their claim and advantages
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as well. According to the article, children need to be exposed to a second language at an early age to speak like a native (Rodriguez). However, children might get stress from the confusing in learning two languages at the same time. Even though they will get stress from the learning, it is beneficial to their future life. Children are better at adapting and immersing into another culture than adults, so there is less chance of being homesick. Perhaps elementary age is too young since children do not have the discipline to be independent, but students over that age should be sent abroad if given the chance. It will open their eyes to different ways of lifestyles.
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