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self assesment project

self assesment project - MinKyun Kim Professor Thomas Zeni...

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MinKyun Kim Professor Thomas Zeni MGT 3363 - 900 28 Feb 2012 Self-Assessment Project I learned quite a bit about myself by doing through the Self-Assessment Library when I completed my own personal assessment. Moreover, I enjoyed taking that test as I am interested in personality test, and I got interesting results as long as I know what I am doing. Some of results have surprised me from this test, while other results confirmed what I already expected. I think that it is a true learning and knowledge from statistical information and also could see the truth about myself by this opportunity. This project will check and give some insight who I am in the world, how I work with others in the society, business, and life within my organization. I will also say that how can I transfer my weakness into strengths in my life to become a better person, employee, and leader. What about Me? Personality, Value and Decision-Making Insights According to my test result, it indicates that my own personality is an “ESFJ.” That means “You’re gracious, have good interpersonal skills, and are eager to please.” I believe this is true in the way that I give my time and energy to make sure that the needs of others are met. The other thing is personal value. The terminal values I have are happiness, recognition, and prosperity. My primary goal is to live a happy life. When I look back at my life, I want to feel that I have lived a happy one. It is extremely important to me. Most of my values were
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instilled in me when I was growing up. Upon growing older I very much want a family. I want to pass my name on. It is very important to me have children and a happy marriage. I believe life is much easier when you do not go it alone. I need the partnership in order to feel whole. Many factors play into this equation. First off, I need a fulfilling stable career. There is nothing worse than going to work everyday hating what you do. This easily carries over into other aspects of your life. I know many people who hate what they do and it poisons almost everything in their
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self assesment project - MinKyun Kim Professor Thomas Zeni...

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