Self Assessment 5 - Self Assessment#1 I truly enjoyed this...

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Self Assessment #1 I truly enjoyed this essay. It made me think. The topic puzzled me to the point where I had to figure out what in the world medium meant. I read the box over and over again. I started to underline words that kept showing up over and over again. I tried to understand what MuLuhan is talking about gives me a headache. Once I thought I had it figured out I was shot down and this happened many times. I researched, I thought about it extensively in class and out side of class. I used reasonable logic to find my meaning of medium. This time by golly I think I got it. For the first paragraph I followed directions. I explained exigence. I explained why medium is important for discussion. I related it to how I came to my definition. I also, explained why it needs defining. I feel I did an extremely good job on this part because I under stood. I re- read my work over and over again. Played with what I wanted to say and did the best job I could do to put my message on the page. I feel I did a really good job on this paragraph and am satisfied. My second paragraph was denotation or the dictionary definition and connotation, other’s opinions. I followed direction. I used the Oxford English Dictionary as you requested. One thing that might hurt me here is that I got lazy and did not want to write out the whole thing every time I made a reference to it so I made an abbreviation. OoOoo….Big deal. If you take points away for that, that’s dumb because I know you don’t want to read the Oxford English Dictionary over and over again. I made a reference to, two different definitions. One’s I felt were good. As I read what you gave us in class and developed my choice based on what I felt medium meant and these would be the best for my argument as they were polar opposites. I
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could have done more internet research or other definition research but I felt I didn’t need it because I felt I got a well developed censes for my connotation. My connotation, I felt it would
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Self Assessment 5 - Self Assessment#1 I truly enjoyed this...

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