self eval persuasive - pretty good At that time I...

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MinKyun Kim Professor Joshua Hammers COM 2213 – W03 8 May 2011 Persuasive Presentation (with aids) Self- Evaluation My topic was studying of aboard in early age, and this is my last presentation. Actually, I was reviewing for the evaluation of previous presentation from professor, before I started it. So, I found my big mistake from professor of comments. Honestly, I was preparing a script beyond the view of the camera lens because these reasons. I think that if I did not memorize everything, I will be penalized from you. Totally, I have changed that pattern. In this time, I was using note cards, and I was memorizing some of main parts. As a result, it was more natural better than before. Also, in order to practice, I was recording by native American at the communication lab from OCCC with my presentation script. First of all, I think my introduction and body parts were
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Unformatted text preview: pretty good. At that time, I effectively was using Power Point slides from these parts, and I was trying to make power point slides of visibility for audience. Moreover, I satisfied its demand such as main points, ethos, and creditable evidence. In the conclusion part, I was speaking again my main point to audience. Before that, I could not maintain eye contact in the third presentation. However, in this time, I was continuously trying to maintain eye contact. Lastly, when I was first announced, I did not gather enough people. Besides, I think pronunciation was too bad. I know you did me a special favor such international students like me. Even though this class is over, I will study hard to improve my English skills. Thank you very much for teaching me how to do it....
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self eval persuasive - pretty good At that time I...

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