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MinKyun Kim Professor Joshua Hammers COM 2213 – W03 4 April 2011 Global Awareness Presentation Self-Evaluation My topic was Natural disasters in the world, and this is my third presentation. Actually, I am an international student from South Korea. So, I have always disliked talking in front of even small groups of people. I hope my English speaking skill will get better soon. I want to tell you. In order to practice, I was recording by native American at the communication lab with my presentation script. As a result, I feel that I was pretty successful in presenting my information, even though I feel that I read a little too much from the slides on the computer screen. First of all,
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Unformatted text preview: I think my introduction and body parts were pretty good. I think I satisfied its demand such as main points, ethos, and creditable evidence. Also, I feel that there is any problem in conclusion part. However, there are some problems in delivery part. When I was taking to audiences, I could not maintain eye contact. That means I still do not have a confidence during English talking. Moreover, I feel not quite about Gestures and body movements were appropriate part. Honestly, I was trying to do this part, but I saw my awkward performances. Lastly, to improving my last presentation, I will practice such as intonation, eye-contact, and confidence!...
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