Supervision HW2 - proceed Moreover we need to take actions...

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MinKyun Kim Professor Leslie Martin MGT 3123 - 900 5 Feb 2012 Responding Assertively to a Customer Complaint First of all, we need to figure it out which letter should make a letter for the customer between refusing and persuasive letter about this case. But, if we have to preserve the firm’s reputation and the customer’s good will, we will decide to make the persuasive letter about this case for our company’s reputation. Moreover, it can be useful in this situation to request a refund. Finally, we will ask for support, and write the last section of my letter should clearly explain the result I am hoping for. Our company will be maintained reputation and customer service by these actions. And this case is starting to contribute to quality improvement what the problem is and how to
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Unformatted text preview: proceed. Moreover, we need to take actions to prevent another problem from happening on customer complaint. Hence, that is the ultimate goal of the process for our company. Lastly, it was not easy to keep up with the customer’s demands these days. Even though we accepted customer’s compliant, we do not have to say about our product’s problem to customer directly, just responsibility. Our meaning of refunding is just customer service but it is not our fault because there are many exceptions about product problems like misusing something. Besides, if we acknowledge that our product was poor quality material, it might be lose customer as well as all customers who using our products....
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Supervision HW2 - proceed Moreover we need to take actions...

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