Supervision HW4 - would not act like that according to this...

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MinKyun Kim Professor Leslie Martin MGT 3123 - 900 18 Feb 2012 Dealing with the Unmotivated Person First of all, we need to approach a completely different way between general employees and accountants who working with good paycheck and working environment. I think money is the best way to motivate people who having kind of sales job, because the company does not give them a big salary, but is generous with performance –rated pay. That is why money is the most important thing to motivate them. However, people who having accounting job feel relatively little about performance-based system. So, we need to make a chance through a playing card game and also how to motivate them. If they would play the game by enthusiastic participation in this situation, there is still a little hope to increase motivation. That means they have any problem with their co-workers, and we can also diagnose something such as achievement thing from this game. However, they
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Unformatted text preview: would not act like that according to this article. Im sure they do not have enthusiastic participation on this game. They need something more important than money to increase motivation. Besides, we have to convince them about work load which means that it is not only reward for working hard is more work. So, I suggest how to give to them about company loyalty than money motivation. If we can build the company loyalty, that is the best way to get motivation from them. For instance, we can give them a free vacation day on their birthday or a floating holiday. As we might know from previous homework, we can also give employees a chance to relax by treating them to tickets such as a theater or a baseball game. Lastly, you make sure to keep your workers happy. Not only will it prove really benefit for your enterprise in the long run, but it can also provide employees with a little bit bad job market situation....
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Supervision HW4 - would not act like that according to this...

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