Week 03b - QMA 2006S2 (Functions & Limits) ver2

Week 03b - QMA 2006S2 (Functions & Limits) ver2 -...

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Jessica Chung & Derek Hui Week 3 QMA PASS | 2006 S2 | Tues, 3-4pm | QUAD G042 Questions? Email us: [email protected] , [email protected] , 1/4 I NTRODUCTION What is PASS? Peer Assistance Support Scheme (PASS) is a program of peer learning support for first year undergraduate students. Classes run from Week 3 to Week 14. Attendance is voluntary and first year students can attend any group in any week(s) they choose, according to their needs. Who are your PASS leaders? Jessica Chung [email protected] Derek Hui [email protected] What can PASS class do for me? Consolidate theory – we will run through key concepts that you have learnt in prior lectures and the preceding week’s tutorials and work through examples to facilitate your own learning of the course Provide notes – we will provide attendees with study notes that we have made to assist with your learning Extra practice – we will provide you with extra questions related to each topic for you to practice at your leisure. Answers will be provided in the notes for the following week Answer questions – if you haven’t been able to understand your lecturer or tutor’s explanations to certain topics or questions, come and ask at PASS and we will try our best to help you Collaborative learning – meet and work with other students doing the course to make friends and consolidate your learning Where else can I get help? 1. Lecturer Consultations (check WebCT for times and locations) 2. PitStop Tutor Consultations (JG G18 – check WebCT for times) 3. PASS leaders (there’s 20 of us to ask!) 4. Education Development Unit, UNSW Learning Centre, Counselling, Peer Mentors, ComSoc, other student societies
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Week 03b - QMA 2006S2 (Functions & Limits) ver2 -...

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