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Lauren Taranow lmt827 10-9-11 Unique: 51070 Discussion - Experiment 5: Strong Acid/Strong Base Titration Part I : The experiment conducted in Part I demonstrates how to prepare a sodium hydroxide solution, and calculate the precise concentration of this sodium hydroxide solution by titrating it twice with potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP), a primary standard. The concentration of the NaOH solution can be determined using the phenolphthalein endpoint indicator, or the Gran plot constructed from the titration data. The primary standard used in the titrations in Part I was KHP, because it is pure and its mass can be precisely calculated to accurately represent the molar concentration of the acidic solution. NaOH is a secondary standard because the compound is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, making the concentration hard to determine, but possible to determine by titration with the primary standard. After making a 500 mL NaOH solution using 10.093 grams of NaOH and deionized water, the solution was poured into a burette and the initial volume was recorded. The KHP solution, containing 2.00 grams KHP, 80.0 mL water, 3 drops phenolphthalein indicator, a pH probe, and a stir bar, was placed in a beaker on a stir plate underneath the burette. Initial pH was recorded, and the NaOH was slowly added to the KHP solution, recording the pH every 5ml NaOH added, until the pH was close to 5, after which pH was recorded every 1 mL NaOH added
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Discussion5 - Lauren Taranow lmt827 Unique 51070 Discussion...

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