Study Guide Test One-HOD 1000

Study Guide Test One-HOD 1000 - Structure of Identity-- 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Structure of Identity-- 4 major components. 1. Life experiences, there are lots of ppl who have influenced our lives. 2. Beliefs, attitudes & assumptions: 3. Needs and Goals 4. Strategies: you need a strategy to figure out how to avoid doing things wrong. Thats the only way to get it right. Understand, learn from, and correct our failures. Identity status- James Marcia- 2 criteria are crisis- adolescents active exploration of alternatives and commitment (outcomes of coping with and resolving identity issue) No Commitment Commitment No Crisis Diffusion Foreclosure Crisis Moratorium Achievement Identity Diffusion- least mature- not in a state of crisis (could have been earlier) and no commitments. He didnt know what he believed about being a man. he seems to be going nowhere but is unconcerned about it Same as Erickson role confusion Jim has no specific career goals no interests or values to guide his life choices but doesnt care. Foreclosure- no experience of a crisis but committed to vocational and ideological choices. Choices are not made through exploration and experimentation but rather handed to them by parents or others. Forces outside of the individual have taken over. Kelly is unsure of herself and her life so she drops out of school, marries childhood sweetheart and settles down. Doug never really considered alternatives but rather accepted his role in the family business after college. Moratorium- a time-out often temporary until the person moves through to identity achievement. In a state of crisis, aware that you need to make choices but at the present unable to do so. You are wrestling with your identity or what it means to be a woman. Not gonna default and just go with what people say Im gonna figure it out myself. Confused and unsure about a career in law Jerry drops law school and bartends in Aspen to figure things out. Erikson described it as part of identity formation process. Identity Achievement- Most mature of the statuses. Person who has successfully worked through a period of crisis and has made commitments that contributes to a definition of self. After considering a variety of careers and taken many college classes Jane decides she wants to work people and that she loves phychology. She loves her work and feels that it is what she is meant to do.When you know what it means to be a man or a woman you are in achievement. Comparable to Ericksons- ego identity Critique- need for samples of other cultures, replication of findings, and need for samples beyond over reliance of college students. (Look over the last page for lifestyles that may cause each for potential essay) Internal Working Model The main idea of the internal working model is that our beliefs and goals are based on what has happened in our pasts. The events and situations that we have been a part of form how we are going to view a future situation. For example, if we have seen our parents endure a very nasty divorce when we were children we might be less inclined to...
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Study Guide Test One-HOD 1000 - Structure of Identity-- 4...

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