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Book Analysis Assignment2

Book Analysis Assignment2 - Book Analysis Assignment...

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Book Analysis Assignment: Conservation Era Anderson, Peter. Gifford Pinchot American Forester . Washington D.C.: Library of Congress, 1995. Gifford Pinchot American Forester is a biography on the entire life of Gifford Pinchot. It is part of a series of a collection of biographies about different American conservationists. The author, Peter Anderson, aims to show the reader that Gifford Pinchot devoted his life not only to protecting the environment, but more importantly to teaching others to respect the fragile balance of the world that we live in. He also aims to show the reasons why he chose forestry as his life’s work. The book illustrates different events in Pinchot’s life that helped him make an impact on the conservation era that still continues today. 1. “Gifford’s father was among the first Americans to express concerns about dwindling forests. In Europe, where wood was less plentiful, he had seen forestry put into practice. There, timber harvests were carefully planned. Only certain trees were cut. Others were left so that the forest could renew itself” (10). Gifford’s father influenced him at a young age that forests were nonrenewable and would need to be conserved. Gifford got inspiration from Europe, who used their wood sparingly because it was scarce. People didn’t care much about conserving resources before Gifford’s lifetime. 2. “Nevertheless, he saw no reason to devote his life to making more money. His family didn’t need any more than it already had. Besides, wasn’t serving his country more important than making money? And hadn’t his father suggested forestry as a way to
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do that?” (14). Analysis: One of the main factors in Pinchot’s decision to become a forester was that he grew up in such a wealthy family, so he had no need to pursue a career where he would earn a great amount of money. Also, Pinchot’s father had had an influence in his career choice; he had been taught to help his community and country, and his father’s passion for helping the environment has rubbed off on Pinchot. This explains
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Book Analysis Assignment2 - Book Analysis Assignment...

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