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Step 4D US Interview write up-1

Step 4D US Interview write up-1 - Lauren Taranow Period 1...

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Lauren Taranow Period 1 Interview Write Up Basic Information Topic of Interview Date(s) Bibliographic Citation Forestry 5/4/0 9 Wilson, Tim. Telephone Interview. 4 May, 2009. Describe person you interviewed & their expertise on your topic I chose to interview Tim Wilson, who is a supervisor forester for the East Bay. He is 52 years old, and has worked as a forester in many different areas for 23 years. Why did you choose this individual to interview? I chose to interview Tim Wilson because he is a forester, which is a job that Pinchot created to protect forests. I thought it would be interesting to see the role of a forester today compared with the role that Pinchot made for a forester. Interview Transcript (Q&A minimum of 15 – 20 substantial exchanges) How did you first become interested in the field of forestry? When I was young and living in Arizona, I was always interested in plants and animals. I loved the outdoors and spent as much time outdoors activities as I could. I did well in science and math. I looked into several fields related to biology, surveying, wildlife management and agriculture, but forestry had it all. That's what makes the forestry profession so exciting. I developed an appreciation for all aspects of forestry as I grew in the profession. Some of these aspects include growing trees for forest products, managing for wildlife habitat, endangered plants and animals, recreational use, and natural beauty. What do you consider to be the main responsibilities of a forester? Foresters have a responsibility to all forests in their area. In order to maintain public support for forestry efforts, foresters have an important role of teaming up with the forestry community to reach citizens who are unaware of the importance of forestry. I’m seeing some
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