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Medea - Play is about gender roles>>> who is powerful...

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20:09 Medea Greek Plays: No sex Theaters=temples Greek culture is  extremely  sexist and conventional About the wicked witch, not the good witch - connected to the arch enemy Narrator: Medea, the playwriter constantly shows the perspective of “the other guy” or  the other gender Chorus is all girls too Persia: Man spending time away in Persia, experiencing Persian women Jason - commonlaw relationship with Medea, two children (in real life) law passed against multiculturalism and preserving the pure Greek identity gave Greek men with Persian women permission to abandon them relative to modern interracial relationships Beginning of Story: Nurse weeps to chorus, saying she wish she had never seen a Greek in her life
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Unformatted text preview: Play is about gender roles >>> who is powerful Medea doesn’t come in till line 95, so you can have an opinion of her before she walks on stage (walks on complaining) Medea is not blind to all the awful things shes done in her life Medea lists what is unfair for women Dowrys so men can control them Single women get treated badly by society Women have no power over who they marry Imagery about women and men sharing a bed as strangers Men don’t have to be bothered by organized marriage-women are like prisoners, locked at home with no choice Medea has no sensor, viewed as a bad person because of this (among other things) 20:09 20:09...
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Medea - Play is about gender roles>>> who is powerful...

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