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  Faculty Information Faculty Anthony M. Savatt, MSA Office BSA 565 Phone (330) 672-1126 Email [email protected] Office Hours Monday 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. or by appointment Course Information Course Title INTRO-ACCT SYSTEMS - ACCT 33004-002-201080 - CRN 13123 Class Time 7:00 – 9:40 p.m. M Classroom BSA 200 Prerequisites Withdrawal Deadline Sunday, November 7, 2010 Lecture Credit Hours 3.0 Course Description Accounting students, whether pursuing a career in public practice, industry, or government, will be users of accounting information systems (AIS), and will also participate in the design of those systems. In order to effectively use and design AIS, accountants must gain a sound understanding of how AIS work. Accountants must effectively measure the cost-effectiveness of AIS, assess the reliability of the information produced, as well as engage in the redesign and implementation of new and better systems. Information technology (IT) affects business processes and controls. While IT brings new capabilities, it also creates new threats and affects the level of risk. Accountants must gain a solid understanding of these issues in order to determine how to modify AIS in order address these threats and assess the adequacy of controls in an AIS. Accounting students will learn how the design and functioning of AIS can be improved to add true value to an organization. Accountants must also be proficient in the use of technology for providing information and therefore students will effectively utilize Excel and Access in order to provide information for decision-making. In this course we will supplement lectures with active learning and group work in order master skills and acquire knowledge. Evaluation for this course will consist of 3 exams, weekly quizzes, class participation and discussion, computer application assignments, projects, as well as a final group case analysis and presentation. Required Text and Supplies 1. Accounting Information Systems, Romney & Steinbart; 11th ed. Prentice Hall, 2009, ISBN: 0-13-601518-2 2. Access code for (either packaged with textbook ISBN: 0-13-815580-1 or purchased separately at 1 08/30/10 Kent State University – Main Campus College of Business Administration Department of Accounting Intro to Accounting Information Systems Fall - 2010
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Methods of Evaluation/Grading Policy EVALUATION METHOD Points Towards Final Grade Quizzes ([email protected] points) 60 Projects ([email protected] points) 40 MyITLab Assignments 100 Exams ([email protected] points) 450 50 Group Project 100 GRADING SCALE A 90% (720 points) B 80% (640 points) C 70% (560 points) D 60% (480 points) F below 480 points Course Schedule Class Date Reading Problems MyITLab Other Quiz #'s Exams 1 8/30 Ch. 1 1 2 9/6 Labor Day; No Class Week 1 3 9/13
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Syllabus_ACCT_33004_2010_6_Fall - Kent State University...

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