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Unformatted text preview: 10/6/09 Russia, the Caucasians, and “the ‘Stans” 09_29.JPG 09_01b.JPG 1 10/6/09 10_01t.jpg 10_21.JPG 09_05.JPG 2 10/6/09 10_05.JPG The Ural Mountains – TradiKonal Boundary between European and Asian Russia Tian Shan – A northern extension of the Himalayas 3 10/6/09 The rugged deserts of southern Kazakhstan The Altai Mountains of Mongolia and Siberia 09_10.JPG Kamchatka Peninsula – Volcanic Peaks 4 10/6/09 The Caucasian Mountains – Some of the most rugged in the world – a barrier to diffusion The Gobi Desert – Southern Mongolia and Northern China – in Winter 5 10/6/09 10_01b.JPG 09_06.JPG 10_07.JPG 6 10/6/09 09_13.JPG 10_09.JPG 7 10/6/09 09_21.JPG 8 10/6/09 09_34.JPG 10_26.JPG 9 10/6/09 09_03.JPG 10_03.JPG 10 ...
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