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ENES 221, Spring 2011 Homework #13 Due Date: Wednesday November 30, 2011 1) Problem 15-20 (Hibbeler 12 th edition) 2) Problem 15-26 (Hibbeler 12 th edition) 3) Problem 15-38 (Hibbeler 12 th edition) 4) Problem 15-42 (Hibbeler 12 th edition) 5) Problem 15-86 (Hibbeler 12 th edition) 6) Before a cranberry can make it to your dinner plate, it must pass a bouncing test
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Unformatted text preview: that rates its quality. If cranberries having an e ≥ 0.8 are to be accepted, determine the dimensions d and h for the barrier so that when a cranberry falls from rest at A it strikes the plate at B and bounces over the barrier at C . 7) 8)...
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