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Fatigue data for SAC tested at different stresses: Fatigue test assignment Number of Cycles to Failure Stress (MPa) 161 100 281 80 286 90 400 80 1,910 70 28,710 50 232,000 30 1,304 60 1. Why does fatigue failure occur in mechanical components? 2. Demonstrate with figure a loading that might cause fatigue failure and label maximum, minimum and mean stresses. 3. A fluctuating stress varies from a compressive stress of -50 MPa to a tensile stress of
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Unformatted text preview: 50 MPa. Determine the mean stress and stress ratio. 4. Using the fatigue data below, plot an SN curve for SAC 305. It can be in linear scale or log-log scale. Can you identify endurance limit? Due: 4 th Nov, 2011 (Friday) 5 pm...
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