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100S11_PS4 Soln - ENES 100 Introduction to Engineering...

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ENES 100 Intro Assigned: Feb. 26, 2011 Reading: Study Friday Lec ( Chapter 6 of the course text on Problems: 1. In the lecture, a wiring sc uses two CdS photoresist on the Arduino. Suppose hovercraft that uses these the black or white areas o connected as shown. You also made measurem sensors (accurate to withi when the sensors are over a. What are the values of val in following scenarios: (S1=W, S2=W) (S1=W, S2 you be able to distinguish be int analogPin = 0; int val = 0; void setup() { Seri } void loop() { val = Serial.println(val);} SOLN: The circuitry consists of a Ohm’s Law to obtain the oduction to Engineering Design Problem Set #4 Due: In class on Feb. 28 (M ectures and Class Presentations RobotC Programming) chematic was provided which tors on a single analog input port e your team decided to build a e CdS photoresistors to determine of the track. The sensor circuit is ments of the resistances of the in +/- 50 ) and created a table of values for the er the black or white areas of the track the result i in serial monitor when you the run the below ske 2=B) (S1=B, S2=W) (S1=B, S2=B etween the 4 states? ial.begin(9600); = analogRead(analogPin); } a 5V source and a 10 k resistor in series. We u e general result that the voltage at the AO node is Sensor 1 (R 1 ) On White 16 k On Black 1 M Spring 2011 M) or Mar. 1 (Tu) e resistances is as follows. etch, under the B), and would use KVL and is Sensor 2 (R 2 ) 50 k 20 M
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ENES 100 Introduction to Engineering Design Spring 2011 V AO = g uG ± ²³ ´µ¶·²´·²³ . The Arduino analog port is 10 bits, so that the 5V is divided into 1024 bits. Thus the command val=analogRead() returns the value ¸¹º g uG ± »U ¼½¾ ¿ »¼ ¿ »U ± ¼½UÀ uG g ¼½UÀ ± »U ¼½¾ ¿ »¼ ¿ »U R1 R2 Val W W 673 W B 1022 B W 48 B B 974 The error introduced by the 50Ohms at its worst contributes less than 1 digit so that the answer is YES, you can distinguish the different States. b.
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100S11_PS4 Soln - ENES 100 Introduction to Engineering...

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