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Key Concepts to Know for Test Two-HOD 1000

Key Concepts to Know for Test Two-HOD 1000 - Key Concepts...

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Key Concepts to Know for HOD 1000-Test Two Parenting Styles: o indulgent- permissive, more responsive, less demanding o authoritarian- highly demanding but not responsive o authoritative- highly demanding and highly responsive o uninvolved- low in responsiveness and demandingness Marital satisfaction o Stable marriages have higher levels of affection and fewer critical comments o Women’s satisfaction linked to the distribution of household responsibilities o Strong marriages are able to resolve conflict o Takes 5 positive comments after 1 negative comments to get to normal Pursuers (anxious-ambivalent) o Tend to talk more o Ask more questions o Highly sensitive to any form of rejection o Focuses on negatives not positives o Has difficulty taking in positive reinforcement o Often seen as insatiable Distancers (avoidant) o Withdraw o Stonewall o Resist o Give little information o Are highly sensitive to any form of control o Often quite rational o Look more together Relationship stages (Pat Love) o Infatuation The infatuation/romantic phase normally lasts 3-6 months. The more relationships you have, the shorter this period gets. The love “drug” is fully out of your system in about 2 years. sweaty t-shirt experiment: women rated smells highest DNA code was the opposite of theirs Signs of Infatuation o Heightened interest o Euphoria o Increased energy o Loss of appetite o
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  • Spring '08
  • Griffith
  • Interpersonal relationship, different attachment styles, Romantic Attachment Styles, Pat Love, Timing Attachment pairings

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