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Physics for Electrical Engineers Prof. B. Jalali EE 2 Homework #2 Due: Feb 02, 2010 Please turn in your homework in class. 1. (a) Calculate the Fermi energy (in units of eV) in the metallic state of silver. Density = 10.5 g/cm 3 , atomic weight = 108. Assume 1 electron per atom. (b) Calculate the average speed and average energy of the electrons at T=0K. 2. (a) Show that the Fermi function is symmetric about E F , i.e., f ( E F + E )=1 - f ( E F - E ) (b) Show that when ( E - E F ) 2 kT , f ( E ) exp - - E E kT F . Actually, calculate f ( E ) for ( E - E F ) equal to 2 kT , 3 kT and 4
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Unformatted text preview: kT by using the Fermi function. Compare the results with those obtained by using the exponential approximation. 3. (a) The position of an electron is determined to within 1 angstrom. What is the minimum uncertainty in its momentum? (b) An electron’s energy is measured with an uncertainty of 1 eV. What is the minimum uncertainty in the time over which the measurement was made? 4. Given a plane wave ) exp( x jk A X = Ψ what is the expectation value for 2 p X and Z p , where p is the momentum....
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