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Tentative Schedule and Syllabus for EE101 - Winter 2010 (subject to revision) Week Day Date Topic Reading Due 1 Mon 4-Jan Review of Vector Calculus: Gradient, Curl, Divergence 1.1-1.4,3.1-3.7 Wed 6-Jan Electrostatics Coulomb's Law, Gauss's Law, Scalar Potential 4.1-4.5 MTF Disc Sec: review of vector calc, Gauss's law examples (point charge, charged sphere) 2 Mon 11-Jan Electrostatics con't: Fields in matter: dielectrics, conductors, boundary conditions 4.6-4.9 Wed 13-Jan Electrostatics: Capacitance, Energy , Image charge methods 4.10-4.12 HW #1 MTF Disc Sec: Examples: Superposition principle, dipole field, Image method 3 Mon 18-Jan Holiday Wed 20-Jan Magnetostatics:Biot-Savart Law, Ampere's Law 5.1-5.4 HW #2 MTF Disc Sec: Examples: Ampere's law in symmetrical cases, solenoid field 4 Mon 25-Jan Vector Potential, Magnetic boundary conditions, Faraday's Law 5.5-5.7 Wed 27-Jan Quiz 1 (in class - approximately 20 minutes) HW #3 Wed 27-Jan Dynamics, Inductance, Magnetic energy, H-fields in conductors
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