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EE 101 Homework 6 Due date: Nov 25, 2009 Q1 . The instantaneous expression for the magnetic field intensity of a uniform plane wave propagating in the + y -direction in air is given by H = a z 4 × 10 -6 cos(10 7 πt k 0 y + π/4) (A/m). a) Determine k 0 and the location where H vanishes at t = 3 (ms). b) Write the instantaneous expression for E . Q2. The electric and magnetic fields of a general TEM wave traveling in the + z -direction along a transmission line may have both x - and y -components, and both components may be functions of the transverse dimensions. a) Write down the expressions (phasors) for the electric and magnetic fields. b) Find the relations among E x ( x , y ), E y ( x , y ), H x ( x ,
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Unformatted text preview: y ), and H y ( x , y ) using the time-harmonic forms of Faradays law and Amperes law. Q3. The following characteristics have been measured on a lossy transmission line at 100 MHz Z = 50 + j0 (), = 1.15 10-3 (Np/m), = 0.8 (rad/m). Determine R , L , G , and C for the line. Q4. Consider a transmission line made of two parallel brass strips = 1.6 10 7 (S/m) of width 20 (mm) and separated by a lossy dielectric slab = , r = 3, = 10-3 (S/m) of thickness 2.5 (mm). The operating frequency is 500 MHz. a) Calculate the R , L , G , and C per unit length. b) Find and Z ....
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