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EE 101 Homework 7 Due date: Dec 4, 2009 (noon) Q1 . ( 25 pts ) Find the input impedance of a low-loss quarter-wavelength line ( αλ « 1) a) terminated in a short circuit; b) terminated in an open circuit. Q2. ( 25 pts ) A 2 (m) lossless air-spaced transmission line having a characteristic impedance 50 (Ω) is terminated with a load impedance 40 + j 30 (Ω) at an operating frequency of 200 (MHz). a) Find the input impedance. b) Find the reflection coefficient at the load. Q3. ( 25 pts ) A lossy transmission line with characteristic impedance Z 0 is terminated in an arbitrary load impedance Z L . Express the standing-wave ratio S on the line in terms of Z 0 and Z
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Unformatted text preview: L . Q4. ( 25 pts ) Prepare an original question that is related to the topics covered after the midterm. Provide also the solution to your question. In the final there will one question (worth at least 15% of the exam) that will be chosen among the questions that you will provide in this homework. The author/designer of the question will automatically get the whole score assigned to that question. Do NOT ask too difficult questions. The purpose is to design educative questions that emphasize the basic fundamental concepts of the course. Selection of "the" question for the midterm will be made by the professor....
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