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Unformatted text preview: HW #2, Due Jan. 26 12:00PM 1. You are given this circuit in the lab, when both switches are OFF, the light is OFF; when either of the switches is ON, the lamp brightens; when both switches are ON, it becomes even brighter. Please suggest electronic components for blocks 1 and 2 to realize this circuit. 2. Using ideal diodes, resistors and other components (hint: battery) design a circuit that produces the input/output characteristic shown below. 3. Using ideal diodes and resistors and other components construct a circuit that has the following input/output characteristics. 4. A full‐wave rectifier is driven by a sinusoidal input VIN=VoCos(ωt), where Vo=6V and ω=2π(60Hz). Assuming ideal diode, (a) please determine the ripple amplitude with a 5nF smoothing capacitor and a loading resistor of 10ohm. (b) And compare the result to a half‐wave rectifier with ω=2π(120Hz). 5. For the shown circuit, Vin=Vpsin(ωt), Vp=5V, ω=2π(60Hz), VD,ON=800mV, C1=500µF, (a) please calculate the RL for a ripple voltage of 0.25V on Vout. (b) And draw Vout vs. time if i) D1 is replaced by an open circuit. ii) RL is replaced by a short circuit. iii) D1 is replaced by a short circuit, iv) RL is replaced by an open circuit. D1 6. In the below circuit, R1=1Kohm, R2=3Kohm, RL=1Kohm,VB=2V,VD,ON=800mV, (a) Please draw Vout vs. Vin. (b) If Vin=‐2 + ΔVi, please redraw the circuit using the small signal model (calculate the rd if needed). (c) For Vin of (b), Vout=Vo1+ΔVo, please calculate Vo1 and write ΔVout in terms of ΔVin. (d) Repeat (b) and (c) for Vin=1+ΔVi. (e) Repeat (b) and (c) for Vin=5+ΔVi. 7. (Bonus) For the circuit shown below, please draw the Vi to Vo transfer characteristics. You can use constant‐voltage‐drop model with VD,ON=800mV for each conducting diode. ...
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