BIO220 Syllabus W2012 - final

BIO220 Syllabus W2012 - final - BIO220H1S Winter 2012...

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BIO220H1S Winter 2012 iii BIO220H1S - From Genomes to Ecosystems in a Changing World Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto Course Syllabus - Winter 2012 The BIO220 team Lecturers: Prof. Locke Rowe (Lecture 1 to 10) Prof. Asher Cutter (Lectures 11 to 16) Prof. James Thomson (Lectures 17 to 24) Corey Goldman , Course Coordinator Jill Wheeler , Lab Coordinator Tammy Pecoskie , Course Administrator Dom Fenech and Mary Ann Honig , Laboratory Technicians + many Teaching Assistants (TAs) BIO220H office: [email protected] - Please direct all course enquiries to the BIO220 office and not to individual team members; the office will re-direct enquiries as appropriate. - ES 3045A (Earth Sciences Centre, enter off 33 Willcocks, take stairs to third floor; same location as BIO120 office in Fall 2010), 416-978-7588 - Please include “BIO220” in the subject line of emails, and be sure to include your full name and student number. - Office hours: see “Contacts” page on the Portal. Course description Dynamics of genetic and ecological change in biological systems, from genomes to ecosystems. Evolutionary genetic and ecological perspectives on wide-ranging topics including disease, aging, sexual conflict, genetics of human differences, conservation, and global climate change. Applica- tions of evolutionary, ecological, and molecular-genetic principles and processes. Responsibilities of human societies in a changing world. Prerequisite: BIO120H1F | Exclusion: BIO150Y1Y | Recommended: BIO130H1S, BIO230H1F Required course materials ( Both are available from the U of T Bookstore ) 1. BIO220 Laboratory Manual Winter 2012 (Read Chapters 1 and 4 before your first lab) 2. The Economy of Nature by Robert Ricklefs, 6th edition (2008, W. H. Freeman) Note: This is the same textbook (and edition) as was required for BIO120H Fall 2010. Several formats of this textbook are available (used, bound loose-leaf, e-book) at different prices; any format is suitable (previous editions are not suitable). 3. There will be other required readings, such as journal articles; these will be available from the course site on the Portal. Course site on the Portal The BIO220 site on the U of T Portal ( contains: copy of this course syllabus, announcements, lecture slides and audio files, lab-related content, discussion board, and test and lab marks. Only students who are enrolled in BIO220 on ROSI have access to this site (within 24- 48 hours of enrolling). It is mandatory that you check the announcements at least once a week . For information about using the Portal:
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BIO220H1S Winter 2012 iv Lectures - Tuesday and Thursday 1:10-2:00 p.m. in Convocation Hall (CH) - Lecture slides will be available on the Portal before lectures. To conserve paper and ink, we re- quest that you consider printing: six slides per page, on both sides of a page or use previously used paper, and using only black ink. -
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BIO220 Syllabus W2012 - final - BIO220H1S Winter 2012...

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