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http://w w w .stanford.edu/~ouster/cgi-bin/cs140-w inter12/lecture.php?topic=vmm January 11, 2012 Virtual Machine Monitors Virtual Machine Monitors Lecture Notes for CS 140 Winter 2012 John Ousterhout Readings for this topic from Operating System Concepts : none. What is the abstraction provided by an OS to a process? (Virtual) memory A subset of the instruction set of the underlying machine Most (but not all) of the hardware registers A set of kernel calls with particular arguments for file I/O, etc. Overall: a subset of the facilities of the underlying machine, augmented with extra mechanisms implemented by the operating system. What if we implemented a different abstraction for a process, which looks exactly like the underlying hardware: The complete instruction set of the underlying machine Physical memory Memory management unit (page tables, etc.) I/O devices Traps and interrupts No predefined system calls This abstraction is called a virtual machine : To a "process", it appears that it has its own private machine. Multiple processes can share a single machine, each thinking it's running on its own
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v17stanford.edu-Virtual_Machine_Monitors - Virtual Machine...

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