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video for exam 1 - February 7 2012 Video Evolution of Human...

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February 7, 2012 Video: Evolution of Human Pigmentation— Darwin Evolving— o Professor from Penn State: Nina Jablonski Skin; why it isn’t talked about a lot? o The absence of a fossil record o Skin is a part of our social relationship; people are sensitive to the appearance of skin, whether it be skin color or texture (ex: wrinkles) Darwin’s birth: lightly pigmented in a fairly dark pigmented world o Darwin started to encounter people with many different hues of skin Map: o Darker pigmentation toward the equator and lighter pigmentation toward the poles; more of the darker age, that concept has faded as we became the new world Darwin appreciated human skin pigmentation; but rejected the idea that skin pigmentation was related to the climate, Darwin said it was due primarily to sexual selection…more darkly pigmented males favored more lightly pigmented females o NOT TRUE! NASA: measures the UV radiation; the hot red and pink area show the highest amount of UV near the equator but not it a straight latitudinal band; moisture areas had lower UV levels than hot areas o High UV at equator and lower UV at the poles o Equatorial Africa is centered at high UV. There is a very large distribution of land mass UV radiation comes at several categories of wave length; UVC is the most destructive of UV’s; the content of the atmosphere screen UVC out; UVB is coming in at fairly high
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video for exam 1 - February 7 2012 Video Evolution of Human...

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