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Unformatted text preview: SOCIOLOGY EXAM 2: 2/29/12 SOCIOLOGY BEYOND INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS: INSTITUTIONS What is an Institution? o A structure of relationships that work together to meet an important need in a society o Structure of relationships Bureaucracy: hierarchy of different statuses (everyone plays a different role) CEO board of directors managers employees below LSU president professors students (individual roles @LSU) o Working together Everyone has a certain role o Important need Socialization, education, public safety, etc. Institutions and Individuals: o Institutions direct us through many parts of social life (ex: traffic guard directs traffic) o And organize groups of individuals to meet those important needs (LSU provides ways to organize students to have a great college education; ability to choose majors, take classes, where to go (places to eat, dorms, campus maps) o Focuses on efficiency ; institution wants to meet the needs as efficient as possible; meet everyones needs MACRO concept (level of society; not individuals) Institutions as Functional for Society: o Structural Functionalism : social life is organized in a way that keeps everything running smoothly functioning properly o Structure of statuses o Individual roles (as long as everyone does their job, the institution will function properly and provide all the needs) o Many different institutions (all working together to make everything run smoothly) In a modern society there is a high division of labor, everything needs taken care of so there has to be many different institutions for our complex needs o All function to meet societys needs o Example: traditional family roles (helping to help society function) Relationships between the family members Functions of the Family: o Regulate sexual behavior Traditionally (can only happen with a husband/wife) only to keep society going by new generations; where and when sexual behavior can take place; NO INCEST) o Socialize children (learn the basic expectations of their culture; first role) o Give people identities First and last name; our identities can grow over time o Integrations (into the family group) How to interact with people (helps individual personality come out) Function of the Economy and our Jobs: o Provide society with basic necessities (economic interactions between companies) Food, clothing, housing o Provide individuals with the resources (money) to acquire basic necessities o Continue a high standard of living in society Economic progress; more technology and wealth (capitalist) o Transition to adulthood with a job (grow up) Governments: o Create and revise laws Three branches of government (all kinds of relationships) o Maintain social order, safety Police (local/state), FBI (national) , CIA (international), Military (international) Institutions on their own; build on top of each other (hierarchy)...
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