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SOCIOLOGY EXAM 3: 3/28/12 RESEARCH IN SOCIOLOGY: Sociology as a Social Science - o Science is based on the observation of empirical evidence Something that can be experienced through our senses; hard evidence o We observe people/ society and gather evidence from individuals, groups, places, institutions, etc. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research- o Quantity: evidence and observations= numbers/ statistics Analyze data through calculations EXAMPLE: If a survey question asks you to rate something on a scaled form 1-5 (1-5 is qualified); hard evidence o Quality: evidence and observations can be more diverse./ original Analysis of data more open to interpretation EXAMPLE: allow people to talk about their experience in their own words; more variety and interpretation o Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative helps explain the difference between positivist and interpretive research Quantitative Research and Positivism- o Positivist= “scientific” o Scientific research is… Based on theory; test a theory to see if it plays out in the real world; has to be a reason behind a theory Systematic (have to go through the same process every time; theory comes before research Objective; personal opinions can’t get in the way; have to accept the results regardless of what you think the answer should be Precisely measured and calculated (validity) actually measure what you say you’re measuring Able to be repeated by others (reliability) other researchers can go through the same process you did and come out with the same results; consistency o Sociological research can meet these standards **QUANTITATIVE WAYS: Experiments- o Looking for a cause and effect relationship between
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