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chapter 2 review

chapter 2 review - Ch 2 Cells Cells the basic living...

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Ch 2: Cells Cells - the basic, living, structural and functional units of the body The 3 main parts of a cell Name: Structure: Function: The cell’s flexible outer surface Regulates the flow of materials into and out of a cell; allows communication between cells and their external environment All of the cellular contents between the plasma membrane and the nucleus Cytosol - fluid portion Organelles - found in the cytosol and each have a different function A large organelle with DNA found inside it Chromosomes found within the nucleus contain genes that control cellular structure and function PLASMA MEMBRANE The Plasma Membrane (matching) 1. Fluid mosaic model B 2. Proteins 3. Lipids a. Act as a barrier to the passage of certain substances into and out of the cell b. The arrangement of molecules within the membrane resembles a sea of lipids containing many types of proteins c. Act as “gatekeepers” to regulate the movement of other molecules and ions in and out of the cell Structure of a Membrane 1. Lipid bilayer - the main structure of the plasma membrane a. Two back to back layers made up of 3 different types of lipid molecules: a.i. a.ii. a.iii. 2. Two categories of proteins: a. _____________ proteins : extend into or through the lipid bilayer a.i. What are transmembrane proteins? b. integral proteins : not as firmly embedded into the membrane and are attached to membrane lipids or integral proteins Functions of Membrane Proteins (put the words in the correct blanks) ion channels carriers or transporters receptors enzymes cell-identity markers
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