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muscle list - KIN 2500 MUSCLES Head and Trunk...

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KIN 2500 -- MUSCLES Head and Trunk Sternocleidomastoid Originate=sternum, clavicle Insert=mastoid Action= together  cervical flexion,  individually  rotate opposite side Nerve (innervated)=Accessory, C2-C3 (cervical nerves that come out of C2 and C3 vertebrae)  Muscles of Abdomen Rectus Abdominis Nerve=T7-T12 External Oblique : (fibers of external obliques are like putting hands in pockets) Originate=lower 8 ribs Insert=iliac crest, linea alba Action= together  compress abdomen,  individually  laterally flex vertebral column Nerve=T7-T12, iliohypogastric Internal Oblique Originate=iliac crest, inguinal ligament Insert=cartilage of last 3-4 ribs Action= together  compress abdomen,  individually  laterally flex vertebral column Nerve=T8-T12,  Transversus Abdominis Originate=iliac crest, inguinal ligament, cartilage of last 6 ribs Insert=xiphoid, linea alba Action=compress abdomen Nerve= T8-T12,  Muscles used in Breathing Diaphragm : (cardiac notch-heart sits on top of diaphragm) Originate=xiphoid process, cartilage of last 6 ribs Insert=central tendon  Action=pulls central tendon to increase thorax length during inspiration Nerve=Phrenic nerve (if impaired than you must be on respirator) External Intercostals : (larger) Originate=inferior border of rib above Insert=superior border of rib below Nerve=intercostal nerves Internal Intercostals Originate=superior border of rib below
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Insert=inferior border of rib above Nerve=intercostal nerves Posterior Thoracic Muscles Trapezius : very large Originate=occipital, spines C7-T12 Insert=clavicle, acromion, scapula spine Nerve= Accessory, C3-C4 what nerve in book??? Rhomboideus Major Originate=spines t2-t5 Inert=vertebral border of scapula below spine Nerve= dorsal scapular Rhomboideua Minor: identification only Smaller but superior to the major Spines of T2-T5 Adducts the scapular and  Levator scapulae : do not mistake for sternoclavor mastoid –LOOK AT VIEW IN BOOK (lateral view) *know the difference Originate=superior c4-c5 Insert=superior vertebral border of scapula Nerve= dorsal scapular ILS – Iliocostalis; Longissimus; Spinalis
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muscle list - KIN 2500 MUSCLES Head and Trunk...

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