WK 1 - DQ 2 - MGT 455 Organizational Negotiations...

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 455 Organizational Negotiations University of Phoenix Katie Williams Week 1 Assignments Discussion Question #2: What is the importance of personality in negotiation? How do the Big Five personality factors affect negotiation? Based on your personality and the Big Five, what would be your negotiation strengths and weaknesses? Well if I understand our readings for this week, I would have to say that personality goes hand in hand with communication in order to effectively negotiate any situation. If an individual was to have good communication skills, plus a charming personality, they will be able to effectively negotiate their situation, rather it be personal or professional. As I was thinking about the information in which I wanted to incorporate in this response, I decided to do some additional research on how personality traits make negotiation successful. In this article, they break down personality traits, in order to effectively negotiate, and I would like to share this information I think is relevant to our discussion question today, before moving onto...
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WK 1 - DQ 2 - MGT 455 Organizational Negotiations...

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