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MGT 498 - WK 1 - COMPLETE - different then what they are...

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MGT/498 – Strategic Management University of Phoenix Professor:  TUGTEKIN GOKAYDIN Katie Williams 12/04/2011 Week 1 - Assignments Discussion Question #6: How clear are you with your organization's vision and mission? If you were the person in charge to disseminate this information, what would you do differently and why? Well since I am not currently employed, I would have to say that the last place I worked, the only thing I seen clear in terms of a vision or mission statement in the local tavern was to serve customers with high quality service and foods. Other than that I cannot say that they had much of a vision or mission statement. However, this business has been around for two generations so business practices may have been a bit
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Unformatted text preview: different then what they are today. If I were the person in charge of disseminate this information I would defiantly update all business information and practices. For instance, I would start off by writing a new business plan or proposal for the years to come. This would include writing out a vision and mission statement for this business. Perhaps by updating this information, they may find that they have more areas they need to improve or don’t need to improve. Updating information such as this can help give a business a competitive edge, and also make things run a little smoother....
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