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MGT/498 – Strategic Management University of Phoenix Professor:  TUGTEKIN GOKAYDIN Katie Williams 12/10/2011 Week 2 – Assignments Discussion Question #4: What is the difference between brainstorming and Delphi Technique? Well I think in order for us to be able to properly distinguish the differences between these two terms, we must first have an understanding of what each of these terms stand for. According to (Wheelen, & Hunger, 2010, p. 124), “Brainstorming is a non-quantitative approach that requires simply the presence of people with some knowledge of the situation to be predicted.” Now that we have an understanding of what brainstorming is, we need to move onto what Delphi Technique stands for. According to (Wheelen, & Hunger, 2010, p. 124), “One approach, developed by the RAND Corporation, is the Delphi technique, in which separated experts independently assess the likelihoods of specified events. This is also known as a,
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Unformatted text preview: forecasting technique in which experts independently assess the probabilities of specified events. However, these assessments are combined and sent back to experts for further research in order for an agreement to be reached.” Now that we have an understanding of what each of these terms stand for, we need to distinguish the difference between the two of these. Now from my understanding the main difference between these two brainstorming is how the experts comes up with a prediction of the situation, and the Delphi technique is a way that experts use these predictions in order to reach an agreement that is proper for the situation at hand. References: Wheelen, T. L., & Hunger, J. D. (2010). Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy: Achieving Sustainability (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall....
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